Transit Riders & Drivers Unite! Take back our Transit System!

Transit Riders & Drivers Unite!

Take back our Transit System!


It’s budget time again, and CTA officials are back at it – trying to drive a wedge between transit workers and the riding public. In 2010, CTA passed another Doomsday, chopping over 1000 transit jobs, almost 1/5th of bus service and 9 express bus routes!

In a replay of 2010, CTA President Forrest Claypool is trying to blame recurring deficits on front-line workers. He says if the union doesn’t take concessions, fares go up, service might get cut.

But we won’t be fooled!  Bus drivers and rail operators ensure the system keeps running as best it can with the resources it has. CTA’s budget problems were caused by decades of disinvestment, mismanagement and abuse. For example, Crain’s Chicago Business exposed Theresa Mintle, a cousin of Daley who used to work at CTA’s main office. Now Mayor Rahm’s Chief of Staff, Theresa Mintle helped enact a special early-retirement plan at CTA that entitled her to a $65,000 annual pension after just 8 years of service!

Now as the 1% of corporate America and political cronies enjoy bailouts and bonus pay, the rest of us are told we must make sacrifices. CTA Doomsdays are now part and parcel of the broader trend of school closings, post office shutdowns, reduced library hours, and rising costs of living for the poorest among us.


This will only stop if we build organization and movement to fight back. And people are. The Campaign for the 31st Street Bus is working to restore service on a street that CTA has all but forgotten. We secured over $1 million toward a new crosstown bus route.

We are organizing to gain the respect and bus service we deserve.


You can join us.

For more info (773)762-6991, publictransit[at]lvejo[dot]org

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